Palm Harbor FL Housing 101 – What You Need To Know

3653 Newcastle Ct APT 101, Palm Harbor, FL 34685 | Zillow

If you plan on buying a property in Palm Harbor, Florida, you need to know you have a wide variety of choices. But really, all the choices you have can be boiled down to the following: old construction and new construction.

Aside from the architecture of the house, an old and new property could differ on the following points: fitted technology and, of course, the price. Old houses, specifically townhomes, which were built in the early years of 2000 are cheaper by at least a hundred thousand dollars. We saw listings for $200,000. On the other hand, newer construction cost at least $300,000.

Aside from being old and new,the properties you will find in that part of Florida also differ in the type of property that they are. We mentioned townhomes before but you can also buy a condominium, a two-storey home, and stand-alone houses.

Of course, if you are like most people, you can only afford to buy one house at a time, which makes it necessarily that you spend as much time looking at the different listings on the different property listings websites like Zillow.

The good thing about using property listings websites is that you can easily filter the results according to the different relevant categories like number of rooms, square footage, among other information.

It is up to you to find a property based on the tools you have at your disposal. Since you have so many choices at any given time, you might want to filter the results based on your priorities. Make a short list of properties that you are going to personally visit. Three would be enough.

Aside from the property itself, you will want to check the neighborhood as well. Do you want to live there?

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